What happens if it rains?

The minute you reserve your wedding date with us I order “white puffy clouds, with blue sky, light winds off the water and 70 to 75 degrees.” Once-in-a-while my weather order gets lost or it isn’t completely filled and parts of it get backorder. It doesn’t matter though, it’s your wedding that makes the day perfect not the weather. In twelve years of doing weddings, over 170 of them, we have had to move the ceremony because of rain only twice. But don’t worry that you’ll be number three because I have backup plan B, C, D, E & F in place. I’ll be glad to explain all of them to you when you Call Me at 906-643-6643. Together we’ll make your wedding ceremony special and memorable.

How do I reserve a date and time for my wedding?

You can make a deposit with a credit card, after you have confirmed your date is available.  Just click on the Packages button in the menu above.  Then, click on the make a payment button.  I will confirm that we received your deposit by email.  If you prefer to send a check, that’s okay.   Call me and tell me what date and time you want, I’ll have you mail the check to us along with some other information about contacting the two of you. The balance is due 30 days before your wedding. You can pay any amount at anytime as long as the balance is paid 30 days before your ceremony.