Unforgettable Waterfront Weddings in a Private Setting that belongs in a Magazine and Feels Like a Scene out of the Movies.

Your Elopement or Small Wedding will Make the Rich & Famous Jealous.

Take ordinary, boring and expensive out of your small wedding or elopement!


You’ll always remember your wedding day when the vows are about you and the ceremony is in a place you’ll never forget.


No one wants to have an average wedding but that is exactly what traditional weddings are … average, boring, crazy expensive and very forgettable.  I hate to say boring but if you have been to one traditional wedding you have basically been to every traditional wedding.  


Weddings today have become so expensive, complex and stressful for couples.  No one wants to dampen your excitement by telling you that your wedding sounds indistinguishable from the last six weddings they attended.  No one talks about how they argued with their fianće, soon to be family, friends, and vendors before and in some cases even just before and after the ceremony at their wedding.

You don’t get a do-over.  If your wedding isn’t a special forever memory of wonderful feeling then it is a disappointing, stressful and bad memory forever and that’s not what you want.

At Elope Up North your wedding reflects what the two of you want casual, eloquent and everything in between.

Your wedding can be as easy and simple as one, two, three, four and still be more memorable than a traditional wedding.

1.  Show up with the rings and your marriage license.  Choose one of our beautiful and unique waterfront ceremony sites.

2.   Get ready and dressed in one of our dressing rooms.

3.  When the music starts, walk down to the ceremony, repeat after me your vows to each other, fill in the blanks on the marriage license.

4.  Capture the moment and memory in pictures.

No stress, no worries just a romantic and unforgettable wedding ceremony like you want.

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It doesn’t matter if it’s just the two of you.  Or if it’s the two of you and 200 guests, lakefront weddings are unforgettable, beautiful and truly magical on the northern shore of Lake Michigan in the Straits of Mackinac.