Let me start out by saying that I am a romantic at heart.  I love playing a part in your special day and my mom told me to share my toys.  Those are the only reason I allow weddings to take place on this wonderful waterfront property. This is a multi-million dollar property that the public does not have access to.  Getting married here is one of only a few ways you can experience 18 acres and 1000 feet of Lake Michigan frontage that makes up Think Outside.

There are 5 separate and different areas on the waterfront where your wedding can take place and there are almost endless ways the wedding can take place in each of those areas.  No two marriages here are ever the same.

There are volumes of reasons to Elope.  Most couples elope here because it is easy, simple, hassle free and cost effective for them.  But, there are still plenty of variables and choices to make even in a small wedding or an elopement.  For that reason we have several wedding packages and options that can be added to most of them.  If you need help figuring the options and if they are available in the weddings package you want please call me.  Here is my cell 906-643-6643.

More couples want to get married on weekends than during the week, so week day weddings are less expensive than weddings on Friday, Saturday or Sunday ceremonies.

Wedding times and dates are reserved only after a deposit has been received.  I am sorry we cannot hold a date without a deposit.

Wedding Wednesday or the Put a Ring on It Package

The multi-wedding party ceremony:  $279
Here is the general idea, we will have multiple couples getting married at the same time.  So there could be several couples getting married or it could be just the two of you.  We’ll find a spot out on the waterfront that will accommodate the number couples we have.  Everyone, including guests will stand, Couples will say the exact same vows.  Couples will have to come dressed and ready.

  • you can only bring 4 guests
  • if it is just the 2 of you we will supply the witnesses
  • there will be a 4:00pm ceremony and a sunset ceremony (sunset is between 9:30pm and 6:30pm depending on what time of year it is)
  • After the ceremony you will be free to wander the grounds for pictures for 30 minutes

Soulmates Wedding Package

2 hour time slot (just the two of you or the two of you and two friends)
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday:  $300
Friday, Saturday and Sunday:   $425

Includes: Officiant, choice of ceremony site, your marriage can take place in the back of our Rolls Royce or our Limousine on the waterfront, dressing room for bride, if needed, dressing area for groom, if needed, music (your choice or traditional), Marriage License properly filled out and mailed in, plus a surprise.

Call to Reserve Your Wedding Date Today! 906-643-6643

BYO Package

Site use only, 2 hour time slot
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday:  $300
Friday, Saturday and Sunday   $425

Includes: No more than 12 guests including the bride and groom, we’ll supply chairs, choice of ceremony sites, dressing room for bride, changing area for groom, restroom provided for guests, we’ll help with music if we can, we’ll help your officiant fill out the marriage license properly.  No alcohol is allowed, unless proper insurance has been purchased listing us as an additional insured and approved by us.  You are supplying the Officiant.  Maximum number of guests is 30 additional fees apply.

Mr. & Mrs. Right Wedding Package

2 hour time slot
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday:   $450
Friday, Saturday and Sunday   $595

Includes: Officiating, 12 guests counting the bride and groom, choice of ceremony sites, music, dressing room for bride, changing area for groom, restroom for guests, chairs or benches for guests, vows can be customize, sand or unity candles can be added to the ceremony, ceremony guests can move around to take pictures during the ceremony,  Marriage License properly filled out and mailed in, plus a surprise.

The Whole Kit & Caboodle

2 1/2 hour time slot for wedding and pictures with guests
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: $1095
The Whole Kit & Caboodle:  Friday, Saturday and Sunday:  $1595

Includes: up to 18 guests, 20 counting the bride and groom, officiating, choice of ceremony sites, chairs, benches, music,restroom for guest, bottle of champagne, cake, vows can be customized, Bride & Groom first dance, we’ll pick up your flowers from the local florist, will drive you through Saint Ignace in the Rolls Royce or the Limousine letting everyone you are married.

Campfire for just the 2 of you, firewood and everything for smore’s provided, copy of the actual wedding vows, overnight stay for newly weds in one of our private rooms with private bathroom, we’ll drive you to the Mackinac Island boat dock and pick you up when you return if you are staying with us.  Private tour of my personal Disney Art & Memorabilia Collection.

Special half price room rate every time you want to comeback to celebrate your anniversary.  Spend your honeymoon, or and extra day or two at a special discount.  Movie for 2 out on the lawn or pier.  Plus a surprise.

Call to Reserve Your Wedding Date Today! 906-643-6643

Options & Additions: (Call for pricing, so we can better understand what you want)

  • Reception using picnic tables (no tent)
  • Reception under a tent
  • Serving alcohol
  • Additional guests over allotted number
    • 13 to 30 $15 per guest
    • 31 to 50 $20 per guest
    • 21 to 50 $15 per guest (offered only in the Whole Kit & Caboodle Packages)
  • Chauffeur the 2 of you to your Dinner Reservations at:
    • The Chippewa Room in Mackinaw City
    • The Dam Site Inn outside of Pellston
    • Leggs Inn in Cross Village
    • Sault Saint Marie
  • Tent 20 x 40 set-up
  • Tent 30 x 40 set-up
  • Site Seeing in the Chauffeur Limousine for the day: Tahquamenon Falls & Whitefish Pointe Lighthouse
  • Kayak Rental
  • Ceremony in the Teepee (if available and a limited number for guests)
  • Additional time on the property.  Pre-purchased at 1/6 of an hour (10 minutes) at $25 or $150 dollars per hour.
  • Overnight stay in one of the rooms on the property (Bride & Groom only)
  • Ride in the Limousine through Saint Ignace, across the Mackinac Bridge, through Mackinaw City and back, I’ll honk the horn as little or as much as you want

General Information: All rooms and the entire grounds are smoke free and tobacco free, including smokeless tobacco.  For those that do use tobacco there is a smoking area provided.

Over 2 hour limit charge: $25 for every 1/10th of an hour (6 minutes) minutes over multiply of 6 will be round up.  Or $250 per hour.