“Think Outside” was purchased in the early 1990′s from the original family who built it back in 1948. They built it six years before the Mackinac Bridge was started and nine years before it was finished. The only way they could get to the Upper Peninsula back then was by boat.  I promised the family that I would restore it back to it’s original grandeur. It took several years of hard work.

I purchased “Think Outside” as a retreat to be used by the employees, customers & vendors of Dot First Aid & Safety, (I owned the company). There were times that my employees needed a place to go play.

However, I sold Dot First Aid & Safety so I didn’t need an employee retreat anymore. For the next few years our ex-employees, ex-customers, ex-vendors, friends, and family used the place and visited us. I told them to “call and invite themselves” there’s plenty of room, with four guest cottages and all the open space.

That was OK and fun but the property wasn’t being used for anything special. I kept thinking “this place is too pretty not to share.” Then one day out of the blue I got this idea that “Think Outside” would be a perfect place for Outdoor Weddings and Receptions. So we bought about $100,000 worth of equipment tents, tables, chairs, bars, dance floor, lighting etc. and into the outside wedding business we went. That’s the short version of how we (Margaret and I) started hosting outdoor waterfront weddings. If you corner me and you’re interested I’ll tell you the long version.

Weddings are the way I use “Think Outside” and some of my other toys, like my Rolls Royce, to create special moments and memories for special couples who love being outside by the lake.

I try to follow the first rule my Mom taught me. Your Mom taught it to you too “always share your toys.”  Think Outside is one of my toys and letting you have Your Wedding there is my way of sharing, like my mother taught me.

It’s fun to share our place with you and your guests on your special day. It is rewarding to play a part in your special day.

We’re not some big corporation where it’s all about R.O.I. and profits.  Weddings for them are just another way for them to make their quota.

Your wedding, for us, is about making your ceremony special, unique and memorable. It’s about sharing our place so that you can have a great start.

It’s about sharing.